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Dear customers,

Thanks so much for your purchase in our store - www.storeofkicks.ru 

Here are the steps about how to win $50 coupon on future order.

1. Make video review of last purchase in HD and 3-5 mins.

(if you shoot video with ur phone,plz hold it horizontally instead of vertically)


2. Upload it on youtube and comple the Title and Description like this:

 a) the Title should contain our website and item name;

 b) the Description should contain our emailand website.

 c) the video should be public permanently


3. Email the video link and old order number to [email protected] or Leave a comment when finish new order.

our customer service will check the video and email you $30 coupon.


 4.When the video views reached up to 1,000 can once again contact us for $ 20 coupon.


How to get more coupons:

1. When the video views reached 10,000 again when contact us for $ 50 coupon

2. When the video views reached 100,000, again contact us for $ 100 Coupon